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To be able to use our services, you must meet certain general requirements of our Car Program:

General rental conditions, Simeun car rental Montenegro:

1. ”Simeun rent a car d.o.o.” (herein further referred to as “Simeun, car rental Montenegro”) rents a car mentioned on the front side of this agreement (herein further referred to as: user), for the period of time and under the conditions set out, on both sides of this document.

2. By signing this agreement the user confirms that he has received the vehicle stated herein in good order and condition of the fuel contained herein.
3. User shall pay fuel consumed during the rental.

4. User undertakes to return the vehicle together with all tires, tools, car document, standard and additional equipment, as it was rented (check list).

5. User will return vehicle on the date specified herein or at such earlier date as “Simeun car rental Montenegro” may require. In case the user wishes to extend specified period of rental, agreement from “Simeun car rental Montenegro” must be obtained at least 24 hours before term of tills agreement, and an additional sum of deposit to be paid immediately upon agreement.

6. The vehicle may be operated only by user or by such person stated as additional driver in this agreement.

7. The vehicle shall not be operated:
– to pull or row of other vehicles;
– in motor sport event or any kind of competition;
– by any person under influence of drugs or alcohol;
– while overloaded, i.e. carrying more passengers or freight than permitted by car registration papers;
– to transport animals, combustible or explosive freight, freight with strong, unpleasant smell, or bulky freight that can damage the vehicle.
-Limitations for crossing border, with class A vehicles) Chevrolet spark and Mercedes Smart ) you can cross border up to 150km. With all other classes of vehicles up to 250km. For border cross your obligation is to buy border pass.

Over +250 km. from the Montenegrian border is paid 10,00 euros per day, for the entire period of renting a vehicle.

Pick up/Drop Off vehicle before 07.00am and after 10.00pm is pay 20,00 EUR per rental.

If you don’t have valid credit card you need to buy all insurance (super cdw, TP and relax scdw).

8. User shall not assign his rights hereunder or sell the vehicle or parts of thereof.

9. User agrees that he will not cross the Montenegrin border without previously permission of “Simeun car rental Montenegro ”.

10. If the user without prior agreement of “Simeun car rental Montenegro” carries on using the car, after period of usage stipulated herein, the vehicle will be deemed to be evaded. “Simeun car rental Montenegro” shall notify the Police, and the user will be considered morally, financially and criminally responsible for the vehicle.

11. User is obliged to take good care of the car particularly to check regularly water, oil and tire pressure, and to effect the necessary oil changes. Charges in reference to repairs can be accepted by “Simeun car rental Montenegro ” if they were previously authorized by “Simeun, car rental Montenegro ”, and on basis of receipts presented to “Simeun, car rental Montenegro”. User shall be liable for all charges caused by insufficient maintenance, inadequate utilization and unclassified road.

12. User will be charged for all costs of rowing of the damaged vehicle, costs of reduced value of the vehicle as well as loss of revenue due to immobilization during repair – (Dependent Expensens). The user is also responsible for all damages to third parties as a result of utilization outside of the roads and all expenses incurred by “Simeun car rental Montenegro” as a result from such damage.

13. User is liable for all damages to vehicle caused return of the vehicle by renter or third parties, if he has supplied “Simeun car rental Montenegro ” with false information as to identity, address or validity of his drivers license. In case of damage to third party as a result of such misrepresentation by user, user shall be liable for all expenses incurred by “Simeun car rental Montenegro”, as a result thereof.

14. User agrees to keep doors of the vehicle locked and to remove the keys when not in use. Upon termination of this agreement the user is obliged to return all the car documents and car keys. In case of noncompliance with this obligation the user shall be charged the expenses incurred for replacement of the same. Loosing keys 200,00 euros. Loosing keys card 250,00€, loosing registration table 40,00€. (1xpcs) Loosing permit registration certificate 60,00 euros. For damages which are not above 100,00 euros Casco insurance (CDW and SCDW) is not valid in that case.Those damages user of the car is paying.

15. “Simeun car rental Montenegro” shall not be liable for the loss or damage to any property left, stored or transported in or upon the vehicle, before or during rental or after the return of the vehicle. User agrees to hold “Simeun car rental Montenegro” harmless from all claims and costs based upon such loss or damage.

16. During rental period user shall pay the costs of parking, traffic or other legal violations assessed against the vehicle, as well as all other costs that are not scheduled costs.

17. User, while using his best efforts to prevent such shall not be liable for any faults or defects in or from mechanical failure.

18. “Simeun car rental Montenegro” is not liable for any consequence by any defect of the vehicle during the period of rental.

19. Renter agrees to pay all the costs under this agreement within the period as stated under the law.

20. User vehicle is insured:

Basic casco insurance (CDW) is included in the rental price. The user of our services can choose to buy Full casco insurance (Super CDW) and Tyres protection and in that case all damages are covered by our insurance as long as we have the police report about the damage.

If the user doesn’t want to buy Super CDW, he/she is supposed to pay deposit (from 500,00 EUR to 1500,00 EUR, depending on the vehicle class), which means that the user has a participation in a damage up to the amount of the deposit.

Deposit amount and deposit refund period (from 28 to 90 working days starting from the date when the vehicle was returned) are stated in the rental agreement which user signs at the pick up of the vehicle.

. For every damage, client need to have police report on drop off location.

21. In case of damage to the vehicle, in which the user has partial or full responsibility, will be applied provisions of insurance law of Montenegro.

22. User agrees to protect the interests of “Simeun car rental Montenegro” in case of accident, during term of rental by:
– obtaining names and addresses of parties involved and witnesses;
– not abandoning the vehicle without previously providing for adequate safeguarding and storing of the same;
– notifying “Simeun car rental Montenegro” and giving detailed report in writing of accident;
– notifying the police and obtaining the report of the accident.
– In case the user fails to fulfill any of the above stated obligations lie will lie held responsible for all consequences which “Simeun car rental Montenegro” may have as a result of such non compliance.

23. The official tariff at the tune of the rental is deemed to be an integral part of this agreement.

24. No amendments of the terms and conditions set out herein shall be valid unless sated in writing and signed by both sides.

25. The final calculation of the lease payment is made when returning the vehicle (drop off). Payment is made in cash (of deposits), debit or credit cards (Visa, Master,Maestro, American express…) and for legal entities paying on the bank account “Simeun car rental Montenegro” . For legal entities deposit is returned when proof of payment has been made. For customers who pay by credit card, the deposit is returned after a approval authorization on POS terminal. In case of refusal of the transaction, the lease payment is made from the deposit.

26. This agreement has been made in English language in accordance with Montenegro and harmonized with continental law. The version in English is considered the official version.

27. In case of any misunderstandings or disputes the Montenegro version shall prevail and be used for the purpose of interpreting the agreement.

28. All disputes arising out of or in connection with this agreement will be finally resolved by competent court in Podgorica, Montenegro.

29. Simeun rent a car Montenegro keeps the right to change reserved vehicle with a another vehicle of same class and price or bigger class car and price, without any notice.


1. If an owner wishes to cancel a booked trip, they must notify the traveler via on-site messaging at least 24 hours in advance, and process the cancellation through the Simeun rent a car website-contact or email The cancellation is effective immediately, and the traveler receives a complete refund (the total paid price is reduced by the fee of 2.5% charged by the credit card processor – this fee is not refunded). Travelers are counting on owners to provide the car, so repeated cancellations will subject the owner to removal from the marketplace.

2. Cancelling a trip within 24 hours of the start of a trip will subject the owner to a 50 euros fine and potential removal from the marketplace. Change of the date, time and place 24hrs. From rental start will be charged 30,00€.

3. If the user is not show on a location agreed for renting (Pick up location from Booking), Simeun rent a car Montenegro can take 100% of deposit given.

4. Waiting time on the location is 30 minutes from the time the vehicle is reserved. After 30 minutes reservation is cancelled and deposit money is kept in full amount.

5.If the customer informs us until the time when the vehicle is issued, it will be delayed, the reservation will not be canceled.The maximum waiting time at the pick up vehicle location is 3 hours. Firts hrs. Waiting time is free. After 1hrs=10,00€. Per hour.

6. After 3 hours of waiting, if the user does not appear at the location of the vehicle’s pick up, the reservation is canceled and the money is not gonna be refunded.

7. Return deposit (charge back money): 28 days from drop off vehicle. The refund of the deposit can be extended to 90 working days due to the possibility of penalties for illegal/forbidden parking.

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